X2 - LITE ALUMINIUM SELF PROPEL WHEELCHAIR The Aktiv X2 Lite is a lightweight durable wheelchair for casual use. The backrest folds down and the footrests and rear wheels can be easily removed.

Van Os Excel G-Lite Pro Manual Wheelchair

Van Os Excel G-Lite Pro 24" Manual Wheelchair The Excel G-Lite PRO wheelchair is a new model from Van Os medical and is described as a compact transport wheelchair. It is available as both a self propelled or transit wheelchair with either 12.5" or 24" wheels.

Excel G7 Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Excel G7 Self-Propelled Wheelchair The Excel G7 Self-Propelled Wheelchair from Van Os Medical focuses heavily on the need of each individual user which is why it has many adjustments in one frame to ensure it can be altered to cater to individual requirements. One of the main features of this wheelchair chair is its tilt in space feature, which allows a step less adjustment of the backrest and the seat angle. This is easily operated from the push handle and can be quickly adjusted when needed. The design of the backrest and seating on the Excel G7 Self-Propelled Wheelchair helps ensure comfort and support for the user.


X7 - ADULT TILT AND RECLINE WHEELCHAIR The Aktiv X7 is a multi-positional modular wheelchair suitable for full time use. It has a lightweight aluminium foldin frame and can be disassembled for transportation. The seat width and depth can be easily adjusted to suit the user and it offers a range of seating and lying positions.