Drinking Cups

Doidy Cup

Doidy Cup This highly popular unique training cup is slanted with easy to grasp handles. Suitable for use by adults or children, the Doidy Cup can be used to encourage drinking from a normal cup rather than a spout.

Teapot Feeder

Teapot Feeder This plastic feeding cup has a partially covered front to help prevent spills.

Caring Mug

Caring Mug This Caring Mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking.

Kennedy Cup

Kennedy Cup The Kennedy Cup is perfect when sitting or reclining in a chair. Easy-to-grip handle can be picked up with those with weak grasp. Lid screws on tightly to prevent spills or leaks. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. Can use feeding cup base 1255 for more stability. The design allows the cup to be easily filled with warm or cold liquid. Latex free.

Novo Cup

Novo Cup Perfect for people who want to drink without having to be helped. The Novo Cup allows you to drink comfortably while lying down. Your are in complete control of the rate of flow and don't need to be propped up by pillows or helped by carers.